Traces and Tracks

Photographs and text by Paul Weinberg

With an introductory essay by Megan Biesele

Jacana, 2017

ISBN 978-1-4314-2431-3

From the Introduction: My work has over the past 30 years sought to work against an essentialised, mythologised view of the San. But for those who have grappled with the story of the modern San, it is neither monolythic nor one dimensional. My journey has brought me into contact with a range of exceptional people from NGO activists to development workers, from journalists and filmakers to academics who work with the San, and like me, have grappled to answer questions for a fragile culture and attempt to tell their story. The 113 000 San live in three different countries and speak many different languages. While dispossession seems to be a common thread, the story of the San differs from region to region, place to place, community to community. The exhibition and book engage with San communities, and attempts to document how recent chapters of history present new challenges and opportunities.

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