Travelling Light

Paul Weinberg

UKZN Press, 2004

ISBN 1-86914-056-7

From the backtext: Paul Weinberg is one of South Africa’s foremost documentary photographers. This special collection offers a candid retrospective of his personal and professional journey. It takes us back in time to his photographic beginnings in the streets of Johannesburg in the late 1970s and carries us through to the more contemporary landscapes of rural South Africa. Captured with characteristic empathy, and supported by extracts from his personal diaries, these images bring to life the forgotten moments of our social and historical past, and the ordinary people who inhabited it. Travelling Light is, above all, a testament to the extraordinariness of ordinary humanity, lovingly recorded by a photographer who brings his own component of personal engagement to each photographic moment.

“Each image is a captured moment, a reminder of my own journey as well as my privileged interaction with other people. Each image triggers a particular memory – a smell, taste, or other sense of that moment. Above all, though, it’s the experience of travelling that quickens the spirit. It’s the fleeting impression of things – a particular point on a river bank as your boat drifts past it, a subliminal response when you’re walking in the bush – that ignites the creative spark before the shutter fires.” – From Travelling Light

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