Once We Were Hunters

A journey with Africa’s indigenous people

Photographs by Paul Weinberg; texts by Dhyani Berger, Chenderai Hove, Margaret Jacobsohn, Antjie Krog, Gcina Mhlope, Victor Munnik, Paul Ntiati, Sergio Veigo and Tony Weaver

Mets & Schilt, Amsterdam / Novib, Brussels / David Philip, Cape Town 2000

ISBN 0-86486-371-3

From the backtext: Once We Were Hunters journeys to six different countries in southern and eastern Africa to examine those indigenous communities who, in spite of a rapidly modernising continent, are still managing to survive in their natural environment. Since an estimated 75% of African wildlife lives outside the recognised game reserves, the preservation of its fauna and flora has become a community issue. The old-fashioned practice of creating reserves by removing local people is something of the past, and new relationships are being explored. But the emerging ethos of joint management and shared benefits is more widely heard than practised. Africa’s precious natural heritage remains an important asset for the planet, and at the same time a major source of attraction for global tourism. But what about the people? Once We Were Hunters addresses these important issues, and in so doing offers a very different way of seeing Africa. Through inspired photographs and text, the book explores the complex relationships between culture and environment. We hear authentic voices expressing ancient value systems and affiliations in our fast-moving world. Written by African writers, some celebrated and award-winning, and with photographs by the renowned documentary photographer Paul Weinberg, this collection of stories and pictures offers a unique insight into some of the continent’s most rooted people.

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